Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

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-Change Your Beleifs- Change Your Weight-

In this issue of BeliefWorks This Week: Belief-Change Mentor Dana Dimatteo tackles the subject of losing weight and keeping it off. Like all changes – having better relationships, improving your finances, getting healthier, or just being a happier person – losing weight is not only about
changing your behavior (diet) but identifying the beliefs that driving your eating habits.

“Are you tired of the Yo-Yo diet game?  What would your closet look like with clothing in just one size? 

Last Thursday I met six women for dinner and about 20 minutes into the gathering I became aware of the stories surrounding our simple task of ordering a meal.  “Wow I would love wings but I can’t afford the calories, I guess I will have a salad.”   Next, “I wonder how many Weight Watcher points are in this veal dish.”  I can relate to, “Remember when we were younger and we could eat anything?” Yes, entertaining, but what came next was even more shocking, four out of the seven women have been on Weight Watchers for over 20 years.  I had to ask, “Do you ever reach your goal weight?” One woman responded by saying “a few times.” I then asked, “How much money does that cost?” Silence hit the table.  The fifth women had gained and lost about 150 pounds over the last 10 years.   This was
to me.

Whether we are aware of it or not our personal beliefs play a huge role in how we think and act and the choices we make including what we eat and how much we exercise.  Beliefs can be both empowering or disabling.  These beliefs may be keeping us from reaching our full potential.  Most diets require you to change what you eat and NEVER address what is driving you to choose what and how much you eat.  The more important question is why we choose to eat what we eat.  Eating healthy is only half of the equation for permanent weight loss. You may have worked hard on a diet and exercise program, but if you didn’t change your beliefs, the result will not last. I
n order to achieve lasting change you need to identify and change what you believe.

Can you imagine losing weight and keeping it off without all of this drama, chaos and voices in your head?  By identify the underlying thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that prevent successful and sustainable weight loss it’s possible to establish healthy habits that increase physical, emotional and mental health.” 

Belief Works!

Ray Dodd, author – The Power of Belief

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