Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

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toltec secret to happinessIt’s been about 10 years since we wrote my first book, “The Power of Belief. ”  I say “we” because there were a lot of people that contributed to the genesis of the book.

I think most healers become obsessed with the route to heal their own illness and end up helping to heal others. In the same way, most of the spiritual teachers I know dove deep into the process of trying to transform their own unhappiness and confusion about life. And in time, they become teachers guiding others. I am no different.

I spent many years trying to find a way to heal my own unhappiness and dissatisfaction. I was always looking for something different or better. I was addicted to identifying what was wrong with everything, so I tried whatever I could think of-moving to a new place, finding a different job, starting a new relationship-all with the potential to get me what I thought I needed. I went through portions of this cycle many times, buying into the myth that everything would be okay when I had this, or when I found that.

Having mixed results trying to change what was outside of me, I started on an inward journey that took me through many philosophies, faiths, and practices. I worked with various types of healers and read mountains of motivational and self-help books. I studied numerous spiritual traditions, had a martial arts practice in Aikido, and even spent time in a seminary.

Eventually, through my association with don Miguel Ruiz, and the mythology of the Toltec, I discovered that what was driving my unhappiness was what I had agreed to believe. That realization was very powerful.

Eventually I began to teach the belief-change process I had discovered to others. And after hundreds of sessions, The Power of Belief was born. That’s the “we” that wrote the book.

After 10 years of teaching The Power of Belief TM belief-change process, we have learned a great many things and the process has matured. And so I wanted to update, add-to, and refine the book.

Then a funny thing happened: A publisher acquired my publisher and offered me the chance to do just that. But… they had one thought provoking request. They wanted to change the title! Hmm.

It was a very difficult decision. In the end what we desired was to bring the message to more people who could benefit from it.

Looking closely the book, its message is clear: Limiting beliefs result in drama and sadness, and positive beliefs support a life filled with happiness and possibility. To eliminate self-judgment, unhappiness, conflict, and regret, you must discover the beliefs you have that are rooted in baseless fear and learn to change those beliefs.

And so we titled it: The Toltec Secret to Happiness: Create Lasting Change with the Power of Belief.

We are going to have a big party to launch the book on January 29th. So stay tuned for details. We so appreciate your support and interest in the blog, the newsletter, and all the resources has to offer. Please write back (on the blog) and let us know how we are doing, and what subjects you would like us to examine through the lens of belief.

Ray Dodd

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