Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

Intensive Programs


Programs available on-line that you can view at your own pace are great. But what if you want to talk to someone directly about your specific challenges? What if you want to go deeper and accelerate the process?

If you want one-to-one attention we offer the Power of Belief Intensive Programs. Talk directly with a  BeliefWorks Mentor about your specific  challenges! Working with a BeliefWorks Mentor is an  investment in yourself that can be done on the phone or in person – always in a format that is comfortable, convenient, and confidential. To learn more about working directly with a Belief-Change Mentor, go to the Contact Page and write in the Subject Line: “Working With a Mentor.” Be sure to put your e-mail address in the message box.

Available Intensive Programs:

Personal Development: The Power of Belief Intensive

Money and Career: Beliefs about Wealth Intensive

Extraordinary Relationships: Beliefs about Love Intensive

Power of Belief at Work:

  • Power of Belief™  Coaching Certification  (for therapists, executives, managers, educators,  and coaches)
  • Power of Belief  Leadership Certification
  • Power of Belief  for Organizations (Customized programs)