Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?


The Power of Belief


by Ray Dodd
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The Power of Belief reveals how hidden beliefs create barriers to success and true happiness. An inspiring guide, The Power of Belief offers four simple steps to transform any belief that stands in your way. Read it and discover:

The secret to changing any self-limiting belief
The key to eliminating worry and negative self-talk
How to choose happiness in any situation
The most effective way to achieve lasting change

In 1996, after a chance meeting at the pyramid ruins in Teotihuacan, Mexico, Ray Dodd embarked on a six-year apprenticeship with don Miguel Ruiz, M.D. author of the best-selling book about the ageless wisdom of the Toltec, The Four Agreements. Now a leading authority on belief-change, Ray guides both individuals and organizations through his revolutionary Power of Belief™ process helping people forge new agreements to affect lasting and positive change.

“When you change what you believe, you change your story about yourself, and suddenly life becomes a beautiful dream.  Ray Dodd will show you how.”
don Miguel Ruiz, M.D., author of The Four Agreements

“. . .an incredible treasure, a deeply insightful model of awareness and change.”
Eric Sanderson, J.D., LLM, University of Denver

“The Power of Belief has a far-reaching impact – from personal transformation, to business excellence and beyond. . .” Simeon Hein, Ph.D., author of Opening Minds

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