Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

What is the Toltec Secret?


The Toltec were an ancient culture chiefly located in what is now the pyramid ruins of Teotihuacán in the high midlands of Mexico. In a tradition that dates back thousands of years and continues today, the Toltec were known throughout Mexico as men and women of knowledge. One interpretation of the word “Toltec” is “artist.” They considered the manner in which you lived your life as your art; thus the Toltec way was not a religion but more accurately a way of life.

In ancient Toltec mythology, one of the most important figures was the great sorcerer – Tezcatlipoca. Legend has it that one morning he awoke from a powerful dream and had a life-shattering insight: We are always dreaming and what we are dreaming is what we perceive as indisputable reality.

Modern Toltec philosophy claims that there is no way for us to change unless we have an understanding of how we create our own unique perception of the world. The Toltec description of human awareness is this: The mind never rests, and one of its main purposes is to dream. Their mythology (from Tezcatlipoca’s dream) suggests that we are always dreaming, not only at night, but also while we are awake, and what we experience inside our dreams is significantly altered by our beliefs about everything.

You are always modifying what you see, according to what you believe. What you believe produces a unique perception of the world and drives most of your thoughts, your actions, your joys, and your sorrows.

So, what is The Toltec Secret to Happiness? The secret is simply this:

Limiting beliefs result in drama and sadness, and positive beliefs support a life filled with happiness and possibility. To eliminate self-judgment, unhappiness, conflict, and regret, you must discover the beliefs you have that are rooted in baseless fear and learn to change them.

We invite you to let us show you how.