Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

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Start Here is an easy reference that maps out all the resources available at BeliefWorks. At each step, just click the picture to get started:

iStock_000000881949SmallThe First Step: Sample Power of FREE Resources
Full of useful tips and tricks to shift any belief that is holding you back.


toltec secret to happiness (small)The Second Step: Read The Toltec Secret to Happiness
When you change what you believe suddenly life becomes a beautiful dream. Ray Dodd will show you how.”

don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements


FRONT COVER without endorse-RGBThe Third Step. Read BeliefWorks
Dispelling the myth that we are frail biochemical machines controlled by genes, leading edge science now emphasizes the starring role our perceptions play in regulating our biology and behavior. BeliefWorks expands upon this awareness, offering insights into how beliefs create every aspect of our personal reality.”

          Bruce  Lipton, PhD, author, The Biology of Belief

iStock_000001456221SmallThe Fourth Step: Try our Power of Belief ™ Programs, On-Line

Reading books is great, but what if you want to go deeper and make the principals  real for you?  Our Signature Power of Belief ™ programs supplement the books, guiding you through the steps on how to  change any limiting belief that is impacting your happiness, your success, your personal growth,  your relationships (romantic, family, or friends),  your financial  health, or your work.

The Fifth Step: The Power of Belief Intensive(s)
Courses available on-line are convenient, but if you want one-to-one attention we offer The Power of Belief ™ Intensive Programs. Talk directly with a Belief-Change Mentor about your specific challenges!